Power-Punch Your RESUME

 with Amy Cole 

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During this one-on-one session we will...

Rewrite and enhance the content of your resume and/or LinkedIn summary to meet your professional goals.

Showcase your Skills and Expertise

Build out your professional profile to get more interviews and land your next job opportunity.  

Attract Hiring Managers

Discover quick and quality revisions that engage and attract hiring managers.

Position Yourself to Compete

Learn how to highlight the value you of your professional experience and stand out amongst the sea of candidates.

Move You On Up!

As an Executive Recruiter, I don’t believe in lateral moves.  Packaging professionals to advance their careers is what I love to do and I welcome the chance to work with you.


During our session we’ll revamp and rewrite your existing resume to include a ‘punched up’ professional profile that positions you to stand out amongst the competition.

Our session work is done collaboratively on Google docs on the phone or via Skype*. 

*Should you prefer working in person, please email admin@amycoleconnet.com to arrange scheduling.


Once we've optimized your professional expertise - you'll be off to the races. You'll have your resume and/or LinkedIn profile summary to submit for your next job application and be better prepared to position yourself as a leader in your industry.


"Amy created a clear, concise and polished resume that incorporates both my professional expertise and personal strengths. She is perceptive and knowledgeable and took the time to truly understand my career goals and customize my resume."

Susan Hirsch Lerner
Business Development and Growth Strategy Professional

"Through working with Amy, I was able to distill my lengthy resume into a very concise document that showcased my professional brand, and this led me to have more confidence in going after the jobs I was interested in."

Amy Schonauer-Bermudez
Product Development Executive

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