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VIP Professional Edge Day GOALS:

The goal of our focused pro-active time together is to best present and position you for your next career move. In our sessions together you will

  • Identify your professional brand and expertise to resonate with those who value your work.
  • Discover and assess your target audience and potential professional opportunities in or outside of your current industry.
  • Package your core competencies to position your expert status.

What to expect:

During our concentrated time, you will immediately update, rethink and package your professional experiences to get in front of the right business circles that are looking for exactly what you offer.  

In addition, through the course of our work, we will create copy to update your existing resume as well as a brand identity that you may utilize in professional summaries, cover letters, and/or on a platform such as LinkedIn.

What's the process:

Our session work is done collaboratively.  We will create a cumulative shared Google document and all phone sessions are recorded so you have full access to our work.

Through a step-by-step process, you will define and create your professional brand and will have the tools to update your resume and other professional documents. To get the most out of our Professional Edge sessions, I recommend that you update your professional documents throughout our time together.



Presenting a concise focused professional package as it relates to the every changing needs of today’s market, is the foundation to building credibility in the workplace.  Once strategically presented, you can and will position yourself for business opportunities.

I am passionate and dedicated to your success and will give 200% throughout our time together. Please understand that we are a team and that your dedication to and preparation for our focused sessions are imperative to your success as well.

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"Amy is a gifted career coach and personal-branding specialist who helped me step by step through my recent career change. Amy has extensive knowledge of all aspects of recruiting and placement, and a very of the moment understanding of what employers are looking for. This combined with her laser focus and high energy helped me to reposition my brand to find the right opportunities, ultimately resulting in my landing a great new job."

Amy Schonauer-Bermudez
Product Development Executive

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