If you are looking to engage, empower and excite your audience, Amy is the one to speak at your next event. 

As an Executive Recruiter and Staffing Expert, she is recognized for Leadership Development through her dynamic, engaging and content-rich presentations.

She is a national speaker that has graced the stages of the well revered Lisa Sasevich, “The Queen of Sales Conversion” and for the international organization "Women in the Boardroom".

She is an undisputed expert in helping companies find the right people to build their business and coaching professionals to transform their career.

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"Amy’s ability to provide a wealth of information in short period of time makes her the perfect speaker for those who are looking for an overview, yet with depth, in understanding the whys and how’s of LinkedIn. She is well worth the time. Inspirational!"

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD

"She is a dynamic, informed and impressive speaker, who fully captivates her audience. We met early in 2014 and clicked immediately. I was so impressed with her seminar that I engaged her for a business event and she was a hit - again! "

Karen Gordon
Director of Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance, Legal Dept.

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