Tis the Season to Be Jolly!

Jan 28, 2019

Tis the season to be blessed and thankful!

And I’m pretty darn thankful as I do this year in review… working with more and more wonderful clients, building the ACC community with forward-thinking candidates and personally walking on cloud nine.  Drum roll, please….GUYS – I got married!

But first; so thankful for AmyColeConnect community. Our very first ‘Get Your Professional Edge On’ event, was a huge success. We had iconic fashion influencers teach us what it takes to succeed in the fashion industry today and what it will take 5-10 years from now.

I find true inspiration from the thousands of candidates I have met with, who are taking control of their lives, stepping into their truth, reaching their goals, and growing their networks.

As I often say, ‘knowledge and networking are key!’ This year, I have never felt more valued as a trusted advisor to the family of companies we staff.  

Be it my small business...

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Use an Attitude of Gratitude to Change your Career

Nov 13, 2018

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, prompting us to search for the best sweet potato pie recipe and reflect on what we are thankful for this year.

We all know that expressing gratitude is a great way to boost our happiness and attract more goodness into our lives; however, showing gratitude doesn’t need to be limited to our personal lives.

Here are some ways to show thankfulness in the workplace:

Shift your focus from what you don’t have to what you do have. Sure, you may have been too swamped to stop and pick up lunch, but you can learn a lot through an intense workload. Begin to see challenges as opportunities to expand your knowledge. If you are learning a new skill or software, rather than allowing it to frustrate you, see it as a way to build your resume and expertise, propelling you in the direction the market is going. Once we learn to appreciate challenges as opportunities, we can approach career struggles as a gift to be grateful for.

Be authentic when saying...

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Gratitude Goes A Long Way

Nov 06, 2018

Practicing Gratitude: This CEO wrote 30,000 Thank You Notes to His Employees

Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell Soup (2001-2011) took the then lowest performing food company in the world, into a highly successful turnaround. One of the secrets to his success? 30,000 handwritten thank you notes to his employees during his tenure.

You may be thinking, who has the time for that? The truth is if showing gratitude helps to keep our employees, then who doesn’t have the time for that?

Glassdoor’s Employee Appreciation Survey found that 80% of employees would be willing to work harder for an appreciative boss, and 70% said they’d feel better about themselves and their efforts if their boss thanked them more regularly.

Here are some modern ways to thank your employees:

Be generous with your time but thank them for theirs. Consider taking a top performer out for lunch, focusing the conversation on what they see for their future. At the end of lunch, thank them for choosing to...

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Navigating Difficult Workplace Conversations

Oct 04, 2018


We all know that being a leader sometimes means having awkward conversations.

The great news is that with the right tools, they don’t need to leave you stumped.

Here are some tips for navigating 3 of the most difficult discussions you may encounter along the way:


SITUATION #1: Your employee shows great enthusiasm for an idea you know will not work.

Avoid: Shutting down their point of view entirely.

Try: Picking out one or two pieces that could be incorporated.

For example: “You know, I really appreciate your enthusiasm! Corporate may not see the value in this entire program, but they do like ideas on how to improve employee productivity. Let’s brainstorm around this and see what could be done.”

Read: How to Tell Someone Their Idea Sucks Without Hurting Their Feelings.


SITUATION #2: You need to deliver negative feedback.

Avoid: Focusing on the person and remain focused on the problem.  

Try: Complimenting the employee on something...

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Is Your Candidate Experience Human Enough?

Sep 06, 2018

Technology has changed everything that we do. Processes are automated, our time spent vetting candidates has been cut in half, and applicant tracking systems grade candidates for us automatically. It’s all incredible, but are we forgetting the necessary human touch?

According to a recent report from Globoforce and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), human resource leaders are once again focusing on a more human approach to recruitment and retention related topics. The full report can be read here.

Here are some ways you can build unforgettable candidate experiences:

Pre-Application: Create value before asking anyone to apply. Value can be built through highly personalized job ads, or a free resource to help candidates in their professional journey.

Relationship building begins here. Be sure to attract those you want in your community by speaking their language. Highlight your most attractive internal offerings to draw them in.

Need ideas? Read this ...

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Do You Know What it Takes to Stand Out Today?

Sep 06, 2018

Wow. Our latest event, ‘Get Your Professional Edge On™’ was a major success!

We were honored to receive insider secrets from significant authorities in the fashion biz including Red Carter, designer of his name-sake brand as well as Shenhav Kimhi, Digital Marketing Director of Crabtree & Evelyn and Britta Cabanos, founder of Inside Fashion Design. We also heard from David Brown, a 30-year NIKE veteran, and VP of Global Merchandising for Brand Jordan.

Curious professionals like yourself did a deep dive into the importance of:

Polishing Your Digital Brand – Your personal digital brand should now be focused on an all-encompassing online experience for hiring authorities. We need to go further than a polished LinkedIn profile these days. More hiring authorities are giving their focus to social media platforms such as Instagram. Ask yourself – are you happy with the persona on your Instagram, Twitter, and...

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The 5 Best Hiring Tools of Today

Aug 08, 2018

Attracting and hiring the best talent is a task that requires major strategy. With increasing candidate volume, and less time to manage it all, remaining focused on your hiring goals is a significant challenge.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your candidate experience while also saving you time:

LINKEDIN. We all know about LinkedIn these days but are you using its features to their peak ability? My favorite features of LinkedIn include:

Sponsored Content: Running ads from your company’s LinkedIn page allows you to speak directly to those already engaged with your brand. Because LinkedIn demographics are so precise, you can rest assured that your dollars spent, are highly targeted.

Sponsored InMails: Sponsored doesn’t have to mean impersonal. Promote relevant content, including job openings, directly to your ideal audience.

Recruitment Ads: According to LinkedIn, recruitment ads on their platform see upwards of 50x higher click through rates than just a simple job...

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Make Today's Hiring Tools Work for Your Job Search

Jul 26, 2018

It often feels as though companies have the upper hand when it comes to hiring, especially with all the fantastic tools at a hiring managers’ fingertips. Did you know there is a multitude of ways you can reverse engineer these tools, to your benefit?

Here are just a few of my favorite tips and tricks to making today’s best hiring tools work for you:

EMPLOYER REVIEW SITES. It’s a fact - hiring managers are checking you out on social media. Return the favor by visiting employer review sites such as GlassDoor, Great Place to Work, Comparably, Vault, The Job Crowd, and Kununu.

The more you know about your potential employer, the more data you have in your arsenal during your interviews. It’s time candidates more thoroughly vet their future employers before signing on the dotted line; wouldn’t you agree?

JOBSCAN. Word clouds, optimization, and algorithms, oh my! Jobscan.com is a tool that uses the same smart algorithms applied by the world's’ top...

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Get Your Professional Edge On

Jul 25, 2018

We are so excited to Get Our Professional Edge On with you!

Join us for Knowledge and Networking in NYC!

August 14th, 6pm-8pm

The Yard, Herald Square

Chat with the best INSIDE Fashion, including Britta Cabanos, David Brown, Shenhav Kimhi, and Red Carter, about what it takes to succeed in fashion today and what it will take 5-10 years from now...

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Are You a Modern Hiring Manager?

Jul 05, 2018

Are you a Modern Hiring Manager?

Major players such as Google and Apple are turning their backs on top-down organizational models to create a more sustainable, flat business structure. This restructuring means fewer levels between staff and the organizations’ top leaders. Companies now generate a culture that promotes employee involvement in decision-making and growth efforts.

With these changes, comes a significant shift in the traditional hiring manager role. As a hiring manager, you are now a people leader, not just HR. This is exciting news! Whether your organization is still hierarchical or working to embrace a more horizontal approach, you can do your part by embracing your role as a modern hiring manager.

Dr. Dave Ulrich says in his book, HR from the Outside In: Six Competencies for the Future of Human Resources, “HR professionals play three roles: Storyteller, Strategic Interpreter, and Strategic Facilitator.”

In his book, Dr. Dave Ulrich goes on to...

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