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 AmyColeConnect has been connecting people with jobs since 2001. 

AmyColeConnect is the brainchild of two sisters who had a vision of empowering people in their careers. Building upon years of management in corporate sales and marketing for global brands such as Michael Kors and Calvin Klein, we realized that inspiring individuals and building teams was at the core of our successes.

Fast forward 16 years, we have built a reputable recruitment firm centered on motivating individuals and building teams for the long-term success of our clients.

People are our passion - plain and simple.

If you are looking for exceptional talent, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.  



Our job is to make yours easier. Think of us as an extension of your HR department. We are here to make the complex hiring process as simple as possible. This means handling the entire process from understanding your company culture to securing your final candidate.


The markets wait for no one. Your goal is a successful hire in the quickest time possible. Because hiring means getting dozens of qualified and unqualified applications, we invest countless hours engaging and screening candidates so you don’t have to.


Let’s face it, it’s all about a successful placement. As recruiters, we know how to attract and win talent. Through intensive vetting and interviewing, we present you only the most qualified and best-fit individuals for your position. Delivering results, not numbers, is what we focus on.

"Hats off to all of us doing what we love and do best.

For me, it’s connecting people, for you - let’s find that fit!" .... Amy Cole, President 


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